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Quiksilver: The World's Leader in Surf & Snowboard Clothing, Outerwear & Accessories Since 1969

Shop our latest collections, follow news & videos of Jeremy Flores, & Travis Rice. No other company pushes to defy boundaries quite like Quiksilver. Quiksilver proudly introduces our newest collection of clothing and gear designed with every die hard surfer and snowboarder in mind. No matter if your life revolves around the tides, if you spend your time on a plane chasing after the perfect powder or just like to hang out by the beach and skate around town, Quiksilver has top of the line clothing and gear for every lifestyle. Explore our latest collections of boardshorts, t-shirts, hats and snowboard clothes including top of the line underwear and outwear. Every piece of Quiksilver clothing is designed for high performance and made with durable material, so if you spend 24 hours on the beach or on the slopes, Quiksilver clothes will always keep up.

Keep Up With Today's Style

Our team members and pro athletes strive to present quality snow gear for every boardrider, produce the coolest board shorts for surfers, and create the hottest fashions for everyday street clothing. Subscribe to our email list and receive updates on the new clothing releases, upcoming epic events, as well as the new editions to our pro team. You'll want to see Travis Rice's preferred Quiksilver snow gear, and what kind of epic Quiksilver boardshorts Dane Reynolds loves to wear when beating everyone in competition. We invite our fans near and far to shop Quiksilver's newest collections and gear up to prep for this upcoming surf and snow season.

Different Looks for Men and Boys of all Ages

Surf clothing and gear is our specialty and we love nothing more than dressing up our pros in their best. Whether you are a competitive surfer or just like to spend your days at the beach, Quiksilver has every style and color of clothing to suit everyone. Why not dress up your look with a rad button-up collared shirt? You can look fashionable no matter if the occasion is fashionable or casual with a Quiksilver button down. For a surfer in need of pants, we have a variety of high performing denim jeans, cotton pants and shorts. Check out Dane Reynold’s personal line of "Dane Pants" that will give every man the ultimate comfort. Quiksilver has got your back and will make every man look sharp in his new shirts and pants.

Shirts and shorts are only the beginning to Quiksilver's latest line of surf clothing and beach wear. We've got a whole new collection of accessories that will make every boardrider go crazy. For the surfers and snowboarders who travel the world to find that perfect snow covered mountain, or fly from US to Bali on a regular basis to chase a swell, will need a trusty set of durable Quiksilver luggage and travel bags. Even if you're walking across the street to hang out at the beach all day, Quiksilver has top quality backpacks to carry all your necessary belongings. Where else would you store your sunscreen, sex-wax and cellphone while you're out tearing it up in some gnarly surf?

Quiksilver Also Carries A Large Selection of Accessories

Check out all our new accessories Quiksilver has to offer! We've got beanies, belts, caps to wide-brimmed straw hats that really protect you from the sun, gnarly sunglasses fit for every guy, and even items as small as iPhone covers that must be in the possession of a Quiksilver junkie. Spend most of your time at the beach? Our collection of Quiksilver hats is a must. If you prefer the SoCal look, we recommend a sizzling red Quiksilver hat or one of our Outsider Straw hats that will protect your face and shoulders from the sun. Need a new pair of kicks? Quiksilver keeps every shoe casual, comfortable and most importantly, designed with super swagger. We even have a wide collection of Quiksilver skateboards to get you from point A to point B. We've even got the most epic Quiksilver beach towels to get your tan on and show off that you are hardcore Quiksilver. What time is it? Quiksilver has a collection of new watches that will tell you it's time to shop our newest line of beach clothes and accessories.

We love water no matter what form it is! Especially if it is liquid or frozen. What board rider doesn't need the ultimate snowboard, snowboard boots and snowboard clothing when he looks outside to see a perfectly powdered mountain on the horizon? Quiksilver doesn't just have beach clothing and gear, but takes care of those who prefer snow to waves. Start with our new collection of boots, pants and outerwear. We have every kind of size, style and color to suit every dude’s individual look. From head to toe, Quiksilver has everything you need to enjoy this winter season. Look for our new socks to keep your feet snug, warm and the perfect fit for your new gloves. Don’t forget you need your stretchy, sweat resistant polyester underwear to keep you dry and insulated underneath your heavy snow jacket and puffy board pants. No matter if you want to keep it sleek with a black colored Quiksilver snow jacket, or crazy neon plaid to really make a statement, every jacket is waterproof, durable and will keep you cozy.

New Arrivals

All of our new arrivals are designed with the flexibility and durability necessary for boarding down a mountain all day. While keeping the most diehard, hardcore snowboarder in mind, we also think of new, rad accessories to accent your sporting gear. Quiksilver has a beanie to fit every man’s personal swag. With all different colors to choose from, let us keep your noggin warm when the weather gets crisp. Check out all of our fleece jackets, thermals and puffy coats to keep your core warm. We even have goggles and helmets to ensure every boardrider makes it down safely after taking a tumble.

From surfing to snowboarding, we have the best gear and clothes of everyone. Check out our kids’ section of the newest and hottest gear Quiksilver has to offer. Send your kid to school in style with a Quiksilver backpack, decal sticker to paste on their binder, and even a Quiksilver notebook! We've got rashguards and boardshorts for every grommet who is in love with the water. Quiksilver has top of the line outerwear for kids as well. We've got helmets, boots, socks, snow pants, jackets, under layers, beanies and goggles. No one needs to go to the top of a mountain feeling unprotected and possibly wet. All our Quiksilver gear is top quality and 100% waterproof to keep you going all day long on the mountain. Whether you are a tiny tyke or a grown man, Quiksilver is ready to clothe you.

No matter if you are searching for beach gear, some winter time outerwear or the perfect pair of surf clothes to roam the streets with, Quiksilver is thrilled to present to you our newest collections that are designed to endure the harshest weather conditions, no matter your sporting preference. Join our Quiksilver community, get to know the pros and explore our new snow gear and surf clothing. Quiksilver is world renowned for making top of the line clothing with the hottest styles and designs. Quiksilver will put that silver lining with every piece of clothing, accessories and gear you wear when shredding down an epic mountain, skating at the park with your buds or riding the best surf of your life.

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