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Casquettes & Chapeaux Homme - La Collection

Check out our newest lineup of Quiksilver hats and caps for men. We have all different types with that action sports Quiksilver vibe you’re looking for. From fedoras and ranger hats to baseball caps and trucker hats, we definitely have something that will be a perfect fit for you. Get ready for summer by getting geared up with hats that will protect you from the sun, while keeping you feeling and looking cool. And if you can’t decide which one you like the best, there’s no harm in getting them all.

Cover your Cranium with Quiksilver

Our hats go off the guy who wears the coolest caps. Whether you’re having fun in the sun or just boosting your swag, Quiksilver has the perfect choice, fit for you. Rock a hat that stays true to your style, no matter what that awesome style is. Now wrap your head around that.

Quiksilver for Men: Caps with Character

For when baseball caps won’t do the trick, show some old school class and style with a fedora hat that carries a classic paper plate design. Or hit up your local prohibition-themed bar with a Gavroche hat, and you’ll fit right into the scene just as much as you do your new paper boy type of hat. When you’re feeling adventurous, go explore in a Quiksilver ranger hat. There’s no better way for you and your friends to show your character and personality than coming to the event with a set of ranger hats.

Quiksilver Hats: Fitted for Guys. Fitted for you.

Quiksilver is carrying so many cool hats this season, it’s hard to keep your head straight. Check out a fitted hat or one of our many flex fit hats that are great for keeping you looking good and protecting yourself from the sun all at the same time. If you’re the kind of person who likes to work hard and play hard, you’ll probably be interested in one of our reversible caps, so you can be prepared for both occasions.

Head to the Beach with Quiksilver:

Surf caps are always the way to go when you’re looking to catch some waves. Grab some surf hats for the summer and get ready to have some fun at the beach. Whether it’s a hat with a snap back, sun protection hat, or bucket hat, we’ve definitely got you covered, both literally and style-wise. Try on a lifeguard hat or one of our visors, which is definitely designed for blocking the sun when you’re in the sand. And if it’s not a stretch for you, throw on the old straw hat for the most fun beach times.

Check out all the Quiksilver Cap Options

Not only do we have surfer hats and straw hats, but we also have several other options and styles to choose from. Pick out a trucker cap, tiger cap, or beardo hat if you’d like. In fact, why not go ahead and try them all. You never know how much fun you’ll have until you try.

Quiksilver carries all the best action sports surf style hats that you’re looking for. Even if you don’t know what you want, you’re bound to find a style of cap that fits you the best. With so many styles of hats and caps to choose from, you know that Quiksilver has you and your head covered.

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