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Montres Homme - Toute la Collection

Never lose track of time when you have one of our Quiksilver mens watches strapped to your wrist. Always fashionable and always functional, grab a watch that will always be on-hand no matter where your next adventure takes you. We have a wide variety of men’s watches with different styles and color schemes in both digital and analog format, so you’re destined to find something that works best for you. Our watches for men are great because they are versatile enough to go with you to work, and whatever you do outside of work including surfing, jogging, running, chilling - you name it! Whatever it is, you’ll always find the time.

Quiksilver Watches for Men: Arriving Just in Time.

It always seems like it’s about time to get a new watch. And when you check out our watches for men from Quiksilver, you’ll find a wide selection of watches - many of which will fit your style and taste. Most are designed to be water resistant, so they will go just fine with your outfit whether you’re on land or in the water. No matter what you have planned for the summer, you’ll feel at ease knowing you will be on time… you know, if you choose to do so. So, find the best mens watches that fit you best, and be ready for all the events you have coming up as well as the last-minute ones that always seem to present themselves just in time.

Better Watch Out

Whoever is in your way… they had better watch out. You know what time you need to be at the beach, and that’s the one place you always get to on time. Grab one of our Quiksilver outdoor watches and everyone else should follow you or get out of the way.

Outdoor Watches from an Outdoors Company

Outdoor watches from Quiksilver are the way to go because we’ve always been the ultimate outdoor sports brand. So, we know what it takes to make a great quality product built for the outdoors. Our outdoor watches are certainly no exception. They’re designed to be just as durable as they are fashionable. So, strap into a few outdoor watches and get outside to do whatever it is you love doing out there.

Surf Watches and Tide Watches. No Way Dude.

Yes way, bro. You no longer need to check the internet to know what the surf is like. If you’re a serious surfer, you’ll be happy to know we have surf watches and tide watches that are always there to let you know how the surf is. So, you’ll always know when it’s time to surf.

Quiksilver has a wide selection of mens watches that can accommodate whatever kind of lifestyle you want to create. If you’re a surfer, grab a surf watch so you always know when the waves are at their best. If you like to hike, grab one of our outdoor watches that are designed to withstand extreme environments. But even if you’re a person who isn’t always on time, at the end of the day, you’ll feel good knowing that you’re always wearing Quiksilver.

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