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Surfing. Snowboarding. Art. Cities. Lost coasts. New waves. Old waves. Splitboarding. Riding park. All of these things are fun. But to experience them, you have to put yourself out there. You have to create fun. Day or night. Mountain or wave or street. In your comfort zone or out of this world. Doesn’t matter where or how, just as long as you go. Go. And seriously, have fun.
The Challenge
There’s something serious about charging the biggest swell of the year or finally riding that backcountry line that’s been on your mind all season — but there’s also something incredibly fun about it. You know what we’re talking about, right? If so, we’ve got a little challenge for you. Post a carousel of two images on Instagram. One serious. One fun. In a few weeks, we’ll pick some winners and let them order some stuff for free!
Step 1
Get two photos of yourself.
One serious. One fun.
Step 2
Post them as a gallery on Instagram, tagging @quiksilver and hashtagging #QuikSeriousFun.
We’ll leave Serious Fun up to your interpretation. And just because we mentioned big waves and backcountry lines earlier doesn’t mean you have to push the limits to win. Sometimes it’s better to save that for Travis Rice and Koa Rothman.
We won’t put much emphasis on skill level or access to mountains, waves, etc when picking winners. Just make it serious...Serious Fun.

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Serious Fun - Exprimez-Vous & Participez au Concours