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Boardshorts Homme - Toute la Collection

When it comes to board shorts, there is only one brand to trust, Quiksilver. We pioneered men’s board shorts, and have built our brand around an expertise for board short design that we continue to improve upon each year. No one knows men’s board shorts better than Quiksilver because we were the first to understand the need for board shorts and the first to fill that need. We are constantly innovating to keep up with the latest designs and technologies so that each collection of men’s board shorts that we release is better than the last. Board shorts are performance driven, and their quality is essential to your experience in the water. We don’t skimp on detail when it comes to our men’s board short designs because we are surfers who know what it takes to keep a good surf session going. Comfort and quality are two of our main concerns when it comes to creating our collection of men’s board shorts and each pair is held up to standards that our professional athletes swear by. When you wear Quiksilver board shorts you can be confident that you’re wearing the best board shorts, we guarantee it.

Quiksilver Makes the Only Board Shorts You Should Wear

No one knows board shorts better than Quiksilver. We’ve been innovating to improve styles since day one, and we never settle for anything less than perfection. Our boardshorts are designed with the highest quality, water resistant materials to reduce drag and increase comfort levels in the water. We want you to feel comfortable wearing your mens board shorts any time of day whether you’re in the water or out of it. The premium fabrics that we use to construct each pair of mens boardshorts are soft and durable so that your favorite pair keeps you comfy all day long. It’s no secret that Quiksilver board shorts are the best board shorts, and that is a result of our dedication to perfecting their design year after year. The sport of surfing is constantly evolving and improving, and we want board shorts for men to equally evolve and improve to keep up with the needs of professional and leisurely surfers everywhere. Board shorts should be a complement to your time in the water, and we aim to deliver designs each year that keep you paddling out eagerly into the lineup.

Step Up Your Surf Style Game with Quiksilver Men’s Board Shorts

Every surfer rocks his own style in the lineup. Some like it bright and bold, while other prefer to rep a more stealth black board short style that flies under the radar. Quiksilver wants you to be able to rock your unique style each time you paddle out which is why we design such a wide variety of men’s board short styles and designs. We leave no option unturned when it comes to board shorts, and you can stock your surf wardrobe full with a range of different board shorts that you love. We have long board shorts for surfers who prefer some extra coverage, and short board shorts for those who don’t mind showing off a little leg. We have a large selection of stretch board shorts so that you can remain as flexible as possible while you’re on your board. There is no shortage of cool board short options when you shop with Quiksilver, and we eve have hybrid board shorts that can take you from land to sea with no need to change. We’ve thought of everything in terms of mens board short design, all you need to do is pick the pairs that you like the most and start surfing.

Buy the Best Board Shorts Online from Quiksilver

Finding the right men’s board shorts can seem like a challenge if you don’t know where to look, but now that you know where the best board shorts can be found, you can look forward to getting your shopping done quickly so you can spend more time surfing. Quiksilver offers its full collection of board shorts online so that you can conveniently browse all of the styles we have to offer and select the ones that you like the most. With so many different designs and styles to choose from, it’s only natural that questions will arise while you shop which is why we have a free customer service helpline readily available to provide any answers and information you are looking for. We want to make your shopping experience as simple as possible so you can buy what you need in no time, and then get back to doing the things that you love.

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