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A celebration of space, time and snowboarding.

Dark matter is a mysterious form of matter thought to account for about 85% of all the matter in the entire universe. It’s also the latest and greatest film from Travis Rice and Curtis Morgan. Let’s focus on the second definition for now.

Last season, deep in Alaska, the stars aligned to create supreme conditions for charging a board down some (very) snowy mountains. And so Travis Rice and Elias Elhardt showed up to do just that.

The result was a mixture of magic, madness, powder, zen, beauty, ridiculous lines, more zen and a significant amount of cosmic bliss.

And now, Dark Matter is available on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Vimeo On Demand. Click any of those links to experience it for yourself.

“This past winter, I noticed something special taking place in Alaska and so Elias Elhardt and I missioned out to the blanketed tops of ice drenched Alaskan granite. What we experienced out there completely blew our minds.”

Travis Rice

Dark Matter - Bande Annonce du film de Travis Rice