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The world is a jungle. A tangle of madness and machinery, wild minds and renegade odes. And somewhere, in the middle of it all, theres an element of tranquility. Peace In The Jungle is a perspective on modern culture through the lens of pacifism, and it inspired this season of Quiksilver Originals. The collection is highlighted by the Dazey print and we spent some time with Sophy Hollington, Manahou Mackay and Andy Nieblas to bring it all to life.

Sophy Hollington

Brighton, UK

Deep thought and the details. Sophie is an artist and an illustrator, and she often chooses to bring her visions to life via the long printing process of lino-cutting.

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Manahou Mackay

Aukland, New Zealand

High energy and good vibes. Manas usually joking with you. Or at you. Or probably both. She was the spark of entertainment for the trip, from the early mornings to the late nights.

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Dana Point, California.

The perpetual chiller. Were not sure what decade hes from, or if a single decade could confine his personality and taste. He has a supernatural way of being comfortable anywhere.

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Dazey Print

A dark floral

Some days feel like a daze. Afternoons at the beach morph into fun nights with friends and it all starts to feel like a continuous pulse of good times. Thats what the Dazey print feels like to us — thats how we hope it feels to you, too. Only one way to find out.

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