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This is a story about friends, adventure and life in General.

In 1994, Bryan Fox’s dad bought a 1975 GMC Vandura. Its name? General. Its purpose? Family surf/skate/snow missions from Baja to Baker. General served the Foxes on countless good trips before the kids reached adulthood and they gave the van to a friend in Mexico.

About Bryan

Fast forward a few decades and Bryan was given the chance to own General. Within a day, he was on a flight. Within months, he was kicking off a new trip in General. The next several weeks were spent surfing, fishing, hunting, split boarding and meeting people. They shared old stories. They created new ones. They lived a simple life and they focused on the things that really matter.

"This project is about putting yourself in situations where you can’t think about bills or look at your phone,"" says Bryan. “And that never-ending quest for the meditative feeling of adventure". "

Bryan Fox

Bryan Movie - Un Road-Trip entre Océan et Montagnes